The fun with marching through life is being able to take advantage of all sorts of opportunities and experiences. I have owned and operated a specialty dessert and catering business, undertaken consulting for an international foodservice design firm and consulted on large-scale tourism ventures and tourism strategies.

But where I find the most joy, where I am most centred, is photographing pets and nature. I guess genetics wins out in the end. My father, grandfather and great grandfather were all professional photographers. Some of my earliest memories are standing on a stool helping my Dad develop black and white prints in his photo studio.

In 2013, I embarked on one of the greatest adventures of my life. I co-founded Standard Poodles In Need, Rescue and Rehome. Standard poodles are the breed of dog I have the closest affinity to. Love them! I love their strength of purpose. I love their sense of fun. And I love their kissable noses.

Standard Poodles In Need, Rescue & Rehome has brought joy and humility. I am humbled that I have the opportunity to help not only standard poodles, but also miniature poodles, toy poodles and even poodle mixes. Who can say no to the little ones?

Photographing a rescue dog is different from my commercial work. When I photograph a rescue, I want to show her true personality as beautifully as I can so that her rescue advertisement shines forth on pages such as PetFinder and Adopt A Pet.  In many cases, this mandate translates into action photography that expresses joy, tenderness and possibility. 

I am also lucky enough to be asked to photograph dogs on a regular basis. Many of my clients ask for that beautiful, hang-on-the-wall headshot. I specialize in custom backgrounds that are designed to bring out the dog’s natural beauty. These photos are dynamite when printed on canvas. The canvas gives the look and feel of a painting.

I have a mobile, simple set-up. My lights are constant because I have found that some dogs get stressed with too much popping and the sound of recharge. I can set-up in relatively small areas, such as living rooms or dens quite easily as the system is small and light. Typically dogs are quite comfortable and anyway I take my time with them. I don’t know if I do it on purpose (take my time). I just like to play. 

So here I am, and here we are. Let's go!